GoLang SDK#

USearch for GoLang#



Download and install from the Debian package from the latest release. Substitute <release_tag>, <arch>, and <usearch_version> with your settings.

wget https://github.com/unum-cloud/usearch/releases/download/<release_tag>/usearch_linux_<arch>_<usearch_version>.deb
dpkg -i usearch_<arch>_<usearch_version>.deb


Run a winlibinstaller.bat script from the main repository in the folder where you will run go run. That will install the USearch library and include in the same folder` where the script was run.



Download and unpack a zip archive from the latest release. Move the USearch library and the include file to their respective folders.

wget https://github.com/unum-cloud/usearch/releases/download/<release_tag>/usearch_macos_<arch>_<usearch_version>.zip
unzip usearch_macos_<arch>_<usearch_version>.zip
sudo mv libusearch_c.so /usr/local/lib && sudo mv usearch.h /usr/local/include


  1. Create a go.mod file:

module usearch_example

go <go_version>
  1. Create an example.go:

package main

import (
usearch "github.com/unum-cloud/usearch/golang"

func main() {

    // Create Index
    vector_size := 3
    vectors_count := 100
    conf := usearch.DefaultConfig(uint(vector_size))
    index,err := usearch.NewIndex(conf)
    if err != nil {
        panic("Failed to create Index")
    defer index.Destroy()

    // Add to Index
    err = index.Reserve(uint(vectors_count))
    for i := 0; i < vectors_count; i++ {
        err = index.Add(usearch.Key(i), []float32{float32(i), float32(i+1), float32(i+2)})
        if err != nil {
            panic("Failed to add")

    // Search
    keys, distances, err := index.Search([]float32{0.0, 1.0, 2.0}, 3)
    if err != nil {
        panic("Failed to search")
    fmt.Println(keys, distances)
  1. Get USearch:

go get github.com/unum-cloud/usearch/golang
  1. Run:

go run example.go